I have concocted my own theme for this legacy, and it has been inspired by the Game of Thrones series (actually the Song of Ice and Fire, but most will recognize the Game of Thrones better) Anyways, my premiss is this: I start with a founder that I have made like the Targaryens in the story. Damien is very handsome, has silver hair, and violet eyes. In the books, the Targaryens come from Valyria and are known for their beauty, silver/gold hair and violet eyes. Some (not all) have the ability to be immune to fire and heat. They also have a strange tradition of marrying within the family.

So what I am setting out to do is start with my founder, have him marry a wife, and then with each subsequent generation have a brother and sister marry to produce the next generation. I will choose the most attractive offspring to further the legacy, also trying to select only those with the violet eyes. Some of you may find this offensive, but I'm just having fun.

If you don't like this idea, please don't read on. :) Thanks for checking me out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Targaryen Legacy: Generation 4 part 1

The Targaryen Legacy: Generation 4 part 1  


 This legacy is getting more complicated and each generation is taking longer to complete, so I have decided to break this generation's post into parts. We will start where we left off last time; with the newlyweds, Elia and Aegon.

Makin' babies. hehe

"I feel pregnant." -Elia
"You're welcome." -Aegon
Soon-to-be grandfather, Rhaegar works on his lifetime wish of becoming an illustrious author.

Bailor has always dreamed of becoming a superstar athlete and starts working hard towards his goal. He even signs up with one of the local teams hoping to get noticed by some baseball scouts.

Since her children are now pretty much grown, Daenerys has a lot of time on her hands. She's discovered that she has a love for painting, and has gotten quite good at it.

I suppose artistic ability runs in the family. Aerys has always wanted to master all of the arts, and paints when he isn't playing at a gig with his band.

Bailor has his birthday and becomes a young adult.

Hmmmm...... maybe Elia picked the wrong brother after all. Bailor turned out to be pretty handsome.

Twins Elia and Rhaenys discuss politics.

Daenerys' portrait, with her father Damien's beside it.

Elia works on her piano lessons. One day she hopes to master all of the instruments.

It's not long before Elia finds out she is pregnant with her first baby.

It's graduation day for Bailor. The whole family gets gussied up and heads to City Hall for the ceremony.

Daenerys drives the family to the graduation.

The whole Targaryen family is there to cheer Bailor on.

A few days later the Targaryens invite their friends over to celebrate Daenerys' birthday. Some even bring some dishes for everyone to share. I'm not sure why the little girl decided that wearing pants was optional.

Happy Birthday, Daenerys!

"Whoohooo! YEAH! It's my birthday!"

"Oh...darn. I feel OLD. I don't think I like birthdays anymore."

First thing, Daenerys heads to the salon to get a makeover to lift her spirits. (BEFORE)

"Ahhh..... much better. Now I feel like myself."

Nerdy Rhaenys strikes up a conversation with a man that looks a lot like her dead grandfather.

They hit it off pretty well, and Rhaenys is asked to her first slow dance.
stranger- "You have really beautiful eyes, why do you hide them behind those huge glasses?"

Elia takes a moment to rest and think about her upcoming addition to the family. She's hoping for a girl, but Aegon is hoping for a boy.

Elia-"What do you mean you want to name our baby Damekrious if it's a boy? I don't think so! That's ridiculous!"

Aegon- " You're right, honey. I don't want to fight. Why don't you just play your bass for me."

Rhaegar has been hitting the bar pretty hard lately. Maybe it makes his writing better?

Working on his latest book.

Daenerys working on a portrait of her brother, Aerys.

Elia bosses her husband around and makes him clean the house. She sure is getting grumpy with that belly full of baby.

Daenerys loves having waffles for dinner.

Meanwhile, Rhaenys has been working hard as a sing-a-gram, trying to get her big break to become a country singer.

Elia sings a duet with her uncle Aerys. They were having a great time until...

Elia goes into labor.
Elia- "Ugghhhaaaaaa! This really hurts! Augghahaaaa!"

Elia- "Ok, I'm fine now, nevermind."

Elia- "Oh, wait, nevermind! *%$$@! Maybe I should go to the hospital..."

While Elia is going into labor, Aegon is at his senior prom. He gets the call and rushes back home.

When he gets back home he finds someone new there to greet him. Elia named their daughter Elaina. Good thing Aegon wasn't there to name her, she might of ended up being Damekeria or something.

Check back soon for the next part of generation 4!
 Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Targaryen Legacy: Generation 3

The day after Daenerys and Rhaegar got married, their brother Aerys comes home from boarding school. He had always assumed that he would be the one to marry Daenerys because he was the oldest boy, and was a little confused to find out that they had held the wedding without inviting him. Damien explains to his son that since he had the brown eyes and Rhaegar had purple eyes, that Rhaegar was selected to pass his genes to the next generation

Things were a little awkward in the Targaryen household for a while.

It wasn't long before Daenerys learned that she was expecting her first child with Rhaegar.

Damien has his birthday, and officially enters into elder hood.

Daenerys is worried about keeping her figure while pregnant, so she makes sure to work out to keep her body fit.

A few days later Daenerys goes into labor and brings home two baby girls. She names them Elia and Rhaenys.

Little Elia has her birthday!

Elia is so cute.

Rhaenys looks a lot like her sister.

Rhaegar is finally a young adult!

Rhaegar as a young adult.

Daenerys and Rhaegar waste no time getting pregnant again.

Grandpa Damien dotes on little Bailor.

Bailor ends up having blue eyes, so Rhaegar and Daenerys try again, hoping for a boy with purple eyes to pass on to the next generation.

Always a good grandfather, Damien teaches Elia to talk.

It's birthday time again! Happy birthday Rhaenys!

Happy birthday, Elia!

Wait, what just happened?? Elia turned into a freaky grim reaper with very long fingers.

Rhaenys gets a makeover. She looks a lot like her mother when she was this age.

Of course Elia gets a makeover too.

All this birthday excitement sends Daenerys into labor.

Daenerys gives birth to another baby boy. She names him Aegon. She hits the treadmill to lose those last few pregnancy pounds. She loves to work out in her wedding dress.

In no time, it seems, Bailor is a handsome little boy.

Aegon ages up to be a toddler, and Daenerys and Rhaegar are thrilled that he has inherited their violet eyes.

Elia loves spending time with her little brother Aegon. They form a close bond almost instantly.

Woohoo! It's the girls' birthday again.

Rhaenys becomes a lovely teenager.

Elia gets a haircut to go with her new look.

Elia gets so intense practicing her drumming.

Poor Aegon, his parents should really buy him a bed.

With the adults out of the house for the weekend on an impromptu vacation, the teenagers decide a little party wouldn't hurt anything. Unfortunately some snoopy neighbor calls the cops on them. I don't really understand why, because it was a really lame party, only two guests came and they just sang karaoke.

Elia's parents are called and they come home early. Elia and Rhaenys get grounded and aren't even allowed to go to school for a couple days.

Damien barely gets back from his vacation, and dies eating a sushi roll. Maybe he shouldn't have gotten sushi at a gas station.

"Darn, I didn't even get to finish my plate."

Grim Reaper appears with dramatic music.

Damien doesn't feel like it's his time to go and pleads for a little more time.

Grim Reaper isn't inclined to grant him any extra time. The family buries Damien next to his loving wife Meadow in the family cemetery.

As the family gets used to life without Damien, time goes on. Aegon has a birthday and becomes a child.

A cute haircut brings out his eyes.

Happy Birthday, Bailor.
Bailor is quite handsome.

Bailor's birthday is overshadowed by his grandfather's death.

Rhaegar tries to forget his pain by singing karaoke.

It's Rhaegar's birthday, woohoo! haha.

Happy Birthday, Aegon. Man, this kid can jump!

What a slick looking young man.

Elia notices how well Aegon has filled out and starts flirting with him.

A nice little hug.
They take some time to take in the stars.

Rhaenys becomes an adult. She's a neurotic bookworm who hates the outdoors.

Elia, of course, is an adult too, now. A new hair cut and make over is in order.

A deer decides to come nibble on their wilting garden.

It's graduation day!

Aegon and Elia have grown closer lately and he chooses her graduation day to pop the question.

She is shocked, but overjoyed. This day couldn't get any better.

Random bystander is oblivious.

Soon after getting home, some random person decides to die on their doorstop.

"Oooh I love you, Elia, let me eat your face!"

Daenerys gets a little crazy planning her daughter's wedding.

The family decides to set up the wedding ceremony in the family graveyard. It might seem a little strange, but not for the Targaryens. After all, this wedding is to keep the family pure and further their legacy. So it is only fitting to have the entire family there to witness.

Elia makes sure everything is in place before the guests arrive.

Everyone is here and Elia and Aegon get to their places. What is up with dude with no pants?

Aegon is a little nervous before the ceremony starts. He feels as though he might actually faint.

Aegon slips the ring on Elia's finger. He can't believe this day is finally here.

They kiss, and it's over in a flash.

Elia cuts the wedding cake. Everyone can't wait to try the delicious looking cake.

As everyone enjoys the cake, Elia busts out her guitar to entertain the guests.

Then, in the middle of everything, someone decides to die. Yes. Die at the wedding. Is this a sign?

I guess fences keep the Grim Reaper out. He had to walk around to the gate to get inside.

Mrs. Browning was actually happy to see Grim, shook his hand and happily went to the afterlife.

Grim even stayed awhile and chatted with the bride. Hopefully this whole thing didn't ruin the wedding.

After the guests leave, the newlyweds take over mom and dad's bedroom and get to work on generation 4.


And thus concludes this chapter. Check back soon for updates to the next generation of Targaryens!